2002 AAA Wrap

2002 Utica Jr. Comets AAA

The 2002 Utica Jr. Comets team will be a Tier 1, national tournament bound, split season team that will compete in the 15 only age classification. The season will begin in August and break during the high school hockey season.

Head Coach:  Jon Ames

Assistant coach: TBA

Skill Development Coach:  Gary Heenan

Team Manager:  Donn Greico


Adasek, Jared

Alesandro, Ronald

Babicz, Jake

Dorfman, Logan

Eychner, Griffin

Femia, Antonio

French, Robert

Greico, Nicholas

Joy, Aidan

Kraft, Logan

Locke, Johnathan

Lubey, Kyle

Martin, Cole

Martino, Andrew

Nebush, Isaiah

Roberts, Nicholas

Russell, Aaron



2002 AAA Calendar