Frequently Asked Questions



Who are the Utica Jr. Comets?
The Utica Jr. Comets are the youth hockey teams of the Mohawk Valley Youth Hockey Association. (www.mvyha.com)

Is This a New Organization?
No.  The Mohawk Valley Youth Hockey Association (MVYHA) has been supporting high quality youth hockey in the Utica area for more than a decade.  We continue to operate as MVYHA, under the same governing board and by-laws.

Why the Name Change?
The formation of the Utica Comets AHL franchise is an exciting step forward for professional hockey in the Mohawk Valley.  MVYHA not only shares our home ice at the Utica Aud with the Comets, but we also share a desire to provide the best possible hockey organization in the area.  Our support for the Comets franchise and our desire to strengthen our affiliation with professional hockey led to the name change.

Has the MVYHA relationship with the Utica College Pioneers Ended?
Absolutely not.  Utica College has been a strong supporter of youth hockey in the Mohawk Valley since the start of the Pioneer’s Division III hockey team.  Throughout the years, UC has provided guest coaches at youth hockey practices and MVYHA has participated in special events at UC games.  We are proud to continue to share our home ice at the Utica AUD with the Pioneers and will continue a strong relationship with their program.

Do Junior Comets Players get in to AHL Games for Free?
Unfortunately not.  However, check our website for updates on special events for Jr. Comets players.

Will Jr. Comets Players Get to Meet or be Coached by Comets AHL Players?
As schedules allow, both players and coaches from the AHL Comets team will join the Jr. Comets players on the ice. In addition, we have numerous organization coaches with professional and collegiate hockey experience.  For a list of our coaches, please visit our coaches page.

Can I use the Jr. Comets Name or Logo for My Organization?
The Utica Comets name and logo are owned by Mohawk Valley Gardens, Inc.  MVYHA cannot authorize their use outside our own organization.

Where Can I Buy Jr. Comets Apparel.
Jr. Comets apparel is not available for sale outside the youth hockey organization.

Does This Mean the Jr. Comets Teams Will Only Accept Kids that Want to Be Professional Hockey Player?
Not at all.  The MVYHA is more committed than ever to providing a comprehensive youth hockey organization with age and skill appropriate teams at all levels.  Please see our program description and mission statement on our website for more details.

Where will practices and games be held?
Our home rink will be the Utica Auditorium.  This gives our players and their families the opportunity to enjoy all that the Aud has to offer.  Currently the Aud is undergoing renovations to prepare for the upcoming youth hockey season.  There may be circumstances where a game or practice will be moved to other local rinks based on previously scheduled events.  This information will be made well in advance of the practice in order for all to make arrangements to attend practice at the alternate location.  Mohawk Valley Youth Hockey Association has agreements with other local rinks that we can work with to reserve ice slots for practices at other rinks.

What is the purpose of the Utica Jr. Comets?
The Utica Jr. Comets is the name of the teams that are under the Mohawk Valley Youth Hockey Association.  MVYHA is the organization that has partnered with the Utica Comets AHL team.  This allows all of the players, whether they are house, travel, recreational or learn to play to call themselves Junior Comets.  The MVYHA partnership with the Utica Comets will give us more access to players and other Comets personnel for practices, games and other MVYHA events.

Learn to Play

What is the age range for learn to play?
Learn to play is designed for players age 8 and under with little or no hockey experience

Are there options for players older than 8 that want to learn to play hockey?Yes.  Please check out our recreation teams for more information

What equipment is required for learn to play?
Each player must have a helmet and skates before taking the ice.  Additional protective equipment like shin and elbow pads are recommended.

Can I go on the ice with my son/daughter for learn to play?
Due to insurance regulations, only registered coaches and Utica Jr. Comets personnel are allowed on the ice surface.