Off-Ice Program

While one of the most important focal points of the Utica Jr. Comets Elite Organization is the on-ice skill development, we believe a strong emphasis should be put on developing off the ice as well. Our young athletes participating in basic exercises, stretching, plyometrics, and agility drills will ultimately carry over to the on-ice development of each individual player. Having a strong foundation of off-ice workouts will be instrumental as each player gets older and begins to transition and prepare for the next levels of hockey.

As members of the Utica Jr. Comets elite program, players will have access to first class trainers and training facilities. All off-ice workouts will take place at the Utica Memorial Auditorium, inside of the workout facility used by the American Hockey League’s Utica Comets. This is just another example of our young athletes getting the same treatments as our professional hockey players in our organization.

For the older teams in the Elite organization, a summer workout packet will be provided. The summer months prove to be a crucial time for our athletes as it is incredibly important that each team continues to take steps in the right direction, despite being away from the rink for the summer. The off-season workout packets consist of bodyweight exercises, core strength, footspeed and agility drills, cardio, stick skill development, and much more. The ultimate goal is for our athletes to continue to develop during the summer months in order to be fully prepared for the start of the winter season.

Upon completion of the summer workout programs, all Elite athletes will be tested using the off-ice SportTesting system. The coaching staff for each team will be able to tell which athletes fully participated in the summer program by analyzing the athletes’ off-ice testing results.