Recently, the Utica Comets acquired SportTesting, an athletic testing system that captures accurate, real-time test results measuring skills ranging from speed to quickness to agility and reaction time. Through SportTesting, the athletes and coaches can use the comparative data to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, target training, track improvement and compete with peers. For the first time, our athletes can put a statistic on their development.

SportTesting measures results through sensored Sport Gates, allowing the most accurate, reliable results and comparisons between athletes. The Sport Gates utilize a light-sensor that records an athlete’s results upon breaking the start and finishing planes. The Sport Gates are synced to a tablet to automatically record the athletes results for any given test in real time.

Another integral part of SportTesting is the customized athlete profiles that easily allows tested athletes to view his or her results. Through the online profile, tested athletes can view personal results, compare results to teammates and see where they stack up against the rest of the competition. SportTesting also computes a global standard, which is the average result for every tested athlete for each specific test. So, a player on the Utica Jr. Comets 2004 Elite team can see where he or she stacks up to the rest of the competition in any of the performed tests. As an organization, this allows us to see where we need to focus the most on developing our athletes so we can compete on a national spectrum. As a coaching staff, we strongly believe in this system. For the first time we can see the time differences between our top skater and the rest of our team. SportTesting gives coaches the ability to see just how fast each player is, which is pivotal as we track development throughout the season. The global standard for SportTesting operates on 10 different tests: 30m Forward Sprint, 30m Forward Sprint with Puck, 30m Backward Sprint, 30m Backward Sprint with Puck, Weave Agility, Weave Agility with Puck, Transition Agility, Transition Agility with Puck, Reaction Drill, Reaction Drill with Puck, but the SportTesting system has the ability to test a wide range of drills.

As a member of the Utica Jr. Comets Elite program, you will have the opportunity to utilize this testing system. As a key component to measuring development, our athletes are able to utilize this system as they continually focus on taking his or her game to the next level.

See SportTesting being used at the youth, junior, and professional levels here: